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Originally Posted by Synthetik
I saw Jouney in the late 70's It was the first time I saw a drummer play two kick drums. Steve was using some kind of DW pedals back then and (IIRC) an early red sonor kit. I thought he was amazing then, a Berklee educated jazzman-come-rocker.

"EC34PE" was an early favorite of mine because of the way Steve supported the music through the whole thing. He added value and taste. Later on "frontiers" he had the consummate arena-rock sound.

Now he has gone full circle, and I am glad to see that he has not only been able to play the music he wants to, make a superb DVD, and elevate his playing to mastery.

Steve Smith has made his mark in two distinct genres of music.
Hello Synthetik...I like your post, here. Makes alot of sense. Yes, two genres is certainly right. Thanks! Play on!
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