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Originally Posted by Alex Riel
Hey Gregg, OZjazzer and whoever is out there

I truly appologize for being so slow to reply this time. Too much stuff to do lately ... you know how it is!
Anyways, thank you – again – for your posts and interest. I’ll try to catch up with it all now!

The Doky/Peacock recording ... aah yes, that was fun! I haven’t seen it for ages actually. Good to know they filmed the cymbals (the camera guy must have been a drummer!!!)
Thank you for the kind words about flatrides/me. Recently I’ve actually been playing a 602 flat ride instead of my usual bell ride .. and it works perfectly.

Had to smile about your wife’s comments. What a compliment!
As for being a “happy drummer”... well, she’s right. I really try to only say yes to things/gigs I WANT to do... ya know ... and say no to things I have a bad feeling about. Sometimes I actually surprise myself in these choises.
Of course it doesn’t always work. There’s always a risk of ending up in a situation you dislike because of how the music turns out, the sound, the atmosphere etc. But then I try to find something enjoyable and focus on that; even if it’s playing for the ONE person in the second row who seem to listen! That way you almost always end up having a good time after all. At least you know you’ve have tried to give your best in spite of the circumstances. There’s just nothing worse than watching/playing with musicians who are in a bad mood for some reason – and show it. That’s just so unprofessional imo and certainly not fair to either your colleagues or your audience.
If you on the other hand show and share your enthusiasm about being up there on stage playing then you’ll find it comes back to you and motivates you even more. Nothing’s more motivating than looking down at an excited audience who obviously enjoy what they see and hear. It makes you wanna play even better ..

Ok, back to the “Close Encounter” session. Lan Doky tells me it was released as vol 1 & 2 (two cd’s) on the Danish label “Storyville”. Besides there’s this video/dvd (same sound as vol 1). The year was 1989.

Peacock .. well, Gary’s a great guy!! He used to live for a period of time in a flat on top of the jazz club Montmartre in Copenhagen back in the 60s or 70s. So I saw him a lot back then. He used to come down and sit in with us. Many years later we played together again at the Kongsberg jazz festival in Norway and then we did these recordings with Lan. There was a gig at the North Sea Festival as well!

As for my cymbals – no, I never clean them except for dusting them off. But I’m always very careful with them and try to treat them with “respect” .... they are my buddies ya know .. lol.

By the way, Gregg, there’s a couple of cd copies on their way to you (The Riel-Mikkelborg group etc). I found them!

So glad you got and like the “Between a smile and a tear” dvd. Yes, I agree, Lisa steels the picture there. She’s simply a wonderful singer and a very charming person as well (which Johnny Griffin obviously thought too!!!). I know that Lisa recently did a recording with Brasilian music after spending several months over there. I haven’t heard it yet though.
You ask if they recorded the concert I played with her. Well, it may have been recorded for television but I’m not sure.

Reminds me, I'm playing a gig on the New Morning club in Paris with Doky and Didier Lockwood (who are both in the film) on Dec 4th. The bass player will be Pierre Boussaget. Should be fun! Don't worry, I don't expect to see either you or Gregg there ... unless you plan to pop by Europe to do some Christmas shopping!?

And yes, Mads Vinding is a fantastic bass player. I’ve always enjoyed playing with him. We’ve actually been gigging together quite a bit recently as we have this trio with a Danish pianist called Carsten Dahl. Great stuff. We might do a recording with this constellation soon btw.

As for the early videos that are now online (both here and on Youtube) I’m enjoying them too! I just wathced a clip with Freddie Hubbard (and me) on Youtube. Bad picture quality but what a sound!!! Here it is:
It’s fun to see all that stuff again – and to have been a part of the whole thing.

Best wishes


I forgot to mention, I also got a copy of the Lisa DVD and loved it. So warm and touching in so many ways, not least the music. Thanks for turning us on to it. If I may ask, where were you during filming?! You were the house guy at Montmartre for years (did I juet tell YOU that?=)

Thanks so much for the kind words and thoughts with regards to your feelings about taking gigs. It really makes such a difference in what you put into it, for sure. If only all musicians shared your devotion and enthusiasm.

I'll look for the CD's of Doky Gary and you for sure, I wasn't aware there were 2 of them. 1989! What I Paiste nerd I am, I was pretty damn close with my hypothesis...

I was pretty sure you weren't a 'cymbal cleaner', but they were in such magnificent shape. Then I realized you were probably the first owner! Anything you want to sell, let me know, my deal with Paiste isn't set up yet=)

Thanks so much for sending the CDs, I'm looking forward to them! As far as Christmas shopping in Europe, well, not this year, but maybe not too far from now I'll be not too far from there (I think I owe you a beer, no? And I want some lessons!).

Thanks again Alex, I'll email you when I get and hear that stuff you sent!

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