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Default The "Support" thread...

It`s always nice to see it and then I can notice that it makes an ultra-warm feeling inside of me:
the Support betwenn people.
Actually I write this thread because of a particular reason: Daniel. He is a great guitarist and a great sound man and we love to jam together...but in this thread the sound man plays the part. I recorded some songs today and this I can tell you: The musical part of it is a pleasment BUT the technical thing with the mixer etc. is HARD! Daniel did manage all those technical thing of the recording day...he has to mix it, he has to carry the PC to me, he sits there in the night and finish the recordings for me and mix it because he has got Cubase.
However, he has the HARDEST part!! So, if you love the quality of my recordings and make compliments about it will be a compliment for Daniel.
Just wanna say thanks alot!

and my question to you is: Do you have friends/people who support you often? with money? with love?? with "normal" things in life?

Tell me...I made such a thread because those supportive people (also like STU, he gave so many Jazz-play alongs to me) need to be respected very much.


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