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Originally Posted by mikejames
Often, Buddy performed tunes with just the trio portion of his band, featuring his favorite players. And... Often Buddy would feature one or more soloists in long stretches, with the rest of the band either just sitting, or playing percussion "toys". So even with his big bands, all the tunes were not "big band". But, to answer your question...

Buddy's early career included many small groups. "Blues Caravan", for example, is a remarkable album. You can find these by simply typing "Buddy Rich recording" into "Google". Later, Buddy recorded other small group albums, including a period in the 1970's when he briefly abandonded the big band and played in New York with a sextet at the club bearing his name, "Buddy's Place". The first of those albums was "Very Live at Buddy's Place". (available at Barnes & Noble, for example, at

Buddy also recorded some European performances with musician friends, including Lionel Hampton. (Check Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc..)
Thank You Mike, for ALL the information about Buddy. You're right on with what you say and the facts that you share. I've researched a TON of Buddy Rich facts and have seen most, if not all, of his videos. And have heard more of his recordings. There was, and still is, somethin' VERY special and unique about him. He was, and still is, "The Grand Master". Thanks so much! Play On!
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