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Default Re: The Reverand (Avenged Sevenfold)

I do agree he's really good, and A7X just happens to be my favourite band. I wouldn't says hes the best, but he has awsum chops for sure; listen ot beast and the Harlout and about 3/4 through you and ull hear his fast hands and in Blinded in chains about 2:50 through he shows off a bit of the rudiments he can play with his feet.

I mainly like the Rev cause hes fills just fit so nicely into the songs, it ither compliments the guitar, bass or the vocals. The Rev also sings harmony while he plays, and doing that in A7X's songs wouldn't be easy.

He's not the best but i think one of the most tasteful, and i also believe he dosent show all his talent in his songs, he could probably bust out a crazy solo if he wanted.
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