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Originally Posted by Goody602
Mine looks almost exactly like the first, smaller picture that Nutha put up that says "Bonzo's version." I'ts definitely not designed to sit right on the hi-hat. What I meant is that if you look at pictures of Bonham's it looks like it has more jingles than the modern version. Still though, it's not as easy to get a great sound out of it as I originally thought, you really have to stomp on it to hear it.
Do you put yours on just like the picture? I put mine on upside down in comparison to the pic, and it works great. Also, do you have the brass or nickel version, I read somewhere that the nickel version is more subdued than the brass. If you install it like I do and you have the brass, I don't know what to say, maybe it sounds better down range than it does sitting next to it....
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