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Default Carter Beauford

Well.... A lot has already been said, I've been a huge DMB fan since the beginning, and went to every concert they had when coming to my area. For those concerned that they have more Live albums than studio. It's because you are limited in the studio recordings. But when you unleash these 5 (6 with butch) guys you get outcomes such as Central Park (omg amazing). If you are looking for some more music to drool over check out Under the Table (Ants Marching personal fav) and Crash here you will hear Drive In Drive Out, which you will appreciate more with my next suggestion.... Live at Red Rocks. Then I would go with Listener Supported - Pantala, Rapunzel, Jimi, Warehouse all greats from that one. So if you are looking for Songs/Albums that just cant be missed I would go with those. But if you are like me you can't resist acquiring all the carter has to offer. I will definitely agree with others when saying that no two songs are alike. Trust me on this one, you can't go wrong with purchasing more of Carter Beauford. A Drum god in my book.

PS- If you can get your hands on an underground copy of Lillywhite Sessions (was not released) then I would do so. It came out before Busted Stuff and has some songs on there I wish they would release. BTW- Grey Street is sooo sweeet check it out!
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