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Originally Posted by TopCat
Not tuesday, my bad, I meant monday - at the CIA in Cardiff. It was all messed up there though, sound was awful and I think there were some monitor issues, because there were quite a few mistakes..or nuances, rather.

Slayer were actually quieter than the other bands. Ya rly.

Me and a mate are gonna swing by london at the end of the Unholy tour to see them again .
Both Slayer and LOG were very very tight in Manc. Bodom were a bit sloppy but the other two were relatively tight, I don't like In Flames much and they were playing when I met LOG anyway so I'm not totally sure how well their set went. The sound was muddy as hell for Thine Eyes Bleed but they sounded pretty decent.

But back to Chris Adler, very good drummer with a good groove and a very modest guy as well.
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