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Default Re: Gregg Bissonette

Originally Posted by DrumDemon25
Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum. But all this talk about gregg made me want to post these pics up. I myself am a big fan of gregg. And about 3 years ago I got a chance to buy a one of a kind kit that gregg used. These are 2 pics of a four pcs of the kit.The kit is a 13 pcs, But I only set these up. They sound massive!! Some of you may have seen it before. He used it on the eat'em and smile tour with david lee roth!!!
Enjoy!! If any of you have myspace please feel free to add me!

Thank You
That is so cool that you bought this kit!! I remember reading about this kit back in the DLR days. It was designed to look like it survived a nuclear war. I remember wanting that kit so bad, it was a monster. Anyway....good for you for owning that kit.
Greggs DVD is amazing. I was watching it this morning before I had to go to work. It is a must own for any serious player.
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