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Originally Posted by altered_beast
Tuesday would've been Glasgow right?

I dunno mate, the sound at M.E.N. was incredible, the bass drum was a bit over the top tho, very very loud. A few of my mates were near the front for Slayer and one of em said it made his chest hurt when he was breathing cos the kick was so loud.

Still, it was bloody smart getting to go back stage and meet Chris, John Campbell, Willie Adler and Randy. Can't wait for em to tour again now. I've seen them twice now and both times they've been absolutely fantastic, one of my best mates saw em for the first time last night and when he walked away from the front at the end he just had a look of sheer astonishment on his face. They're truly the best live band I've ever seen.
Not tuesday, my bad, I meant monday - at the CIA in Cardiff. It was all messed up there though, sound was awful and I think there were some monitor issues, because there were quite a few mistakes..or nuances, rather.

Slayer were actually quieter than the other bands. Ya rly.

Me and a mate are gonna swing by london at the end of the Unholy tour to see them again .
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