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Originally Posted by onemat
Have a sense of humor when you read this. All opinions being subjective. Buddy had a long history of learning new styles of drumming. In 1968 he began to play big band arrangements of rock, soul and other popular music. He could play the latest styles of drumming and usually embellish them with killer fills with no effort. His versions of Mercy Mercy and Ode To Billie Joe come to mind. So based on his history and the type of drummer he was, if Buddy was alive today, I believe he could achieve anything Colaiuta or Weckl could come up with and probably go one better, just my opinion.
As for Golf, the greatest Golfer (and pool player) was W.C.
Fields. Nobody cheated like he could and there hasn't been anyone funnier to watch cheating his way through a game. :)
Absolutely 100% right on target with that answer, onemat. No doubt about Buddys' abilities. Yes, he could have and would have been able to "go one better". He was doin' that his whole life. It may be just opinion, but the proof is in the pudding. Look what he achieved. Playing for 70+ years at "his" level. NO ONE, to this day, has his resume'. Period. Thanks onemat! Play On!

Oh, and about the sense of humor...Well Said! Great examples, too...
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