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Portnoy is Dream Theater, especially live.

Portnoy really gets into it. Puts on a good show for a drummer.

The rest of the band should just get beds and lie down. They just stand in one place, and do not put on any type of "show". Very boring to watch them live. I enjoy listening to them more than watching them (this doesn't apply to Mr. Portnoy!).

I suggest they change the band name to Mike Portnoy and Dream Theater!

Now, I know there will be many people who claim the music is so hard to play, and they need to concentrate. However, many technically great musicians give a good show. Petrucci, Myung and Rudes are great musicians, but do not play to entertain the crowd. Yngwie, Vai, Sheehan, Harris and others give the fans technical greatness and showmanship.
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