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Originally Posted by mlehnertz
Vinnie's "this and that" is the purpose of this thread. Many of us that participate in this thread do take it as a personal attack when someone posts what was posted previously. It's like wearing a Yankees jersey into the Cask & Flagon in Boston. It's just inappropriate.

Please stop defending your right to be pro-Buddy in a Vinnie thread and as you say, take care and play on.

Umm...Don't think I tried to defend anyone but myself here, mlehnertz. And I didn't realize there was a "rule" about what drummers are aloud to be mentioned in each thread. Are you an administrator of this thread? Sure sounds like it. Looks like in every one of your posts you're talking down to another ones' posts as if you're the only credible person to comment. That is what's inappropriate, sir! Look, I got an idea. Let's take a deep breath and start over by getting back to actually "discussing" and get away from this finger pointing and bashing. There's never enough respectful, educational, and inspirational talk out here. Let's do that and see what we can come up with. Thanks and Play On!
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