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Default Re: Introduce Yourself


My name is Andrew Hewitt, I noticed my name in the wishlist quite a while ago, but Ive been too busy to come into the forum and say Hi.

Im a 35yo drummer based in Sydney, Australia who despite being born with Cerebral Palsy has managed to clock up over 15 years professional experience as a performing artist, clinician and drum teacher.

My CP mainly affects movement in my arms and legs, parts of the brain to tell certain parts to work properly doesnt respond as it should.

My parents bought me a drum kit in 1980 thinking it would be a good form of physical excercise for me, they would have never guessed that I would be doing what I am doing today.

Biggest thing for me was to be included in Modern Drummer's On The Move section in April 2004's issue, then having an update written in MD's news section in June this year.

Its been a long hard battle trying to overcome certain physical issues. Im using an acoustic kit with triggers running through a Roland TD-8 Module.

Best gig I played last year was at the Sydney Opera House in front of 450 people. Was a real buzz.. the room had a really cool vibe to it, on stage all you could see was a sea of people.

If anyone wants to hear my playing, check out Long Way to the Top (AC/DC)

Anyway if you get a chance, check out my website: