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Hey people, my first comment!

I personally think Travis is good, not the best though. I bet you can all agree he plays very good for the style of music Blink-182 are/were.

For pop-punk most drummers are far more simplistic, I think travis' solos are fairly boring to be honest, even though I am a fan. I think his talent lies more in the song, and how his drum parts fit perfectly towards the song.

Listen to Take off your pants and jacket, alot of the songs (mainly not the singles) are amazingly good for a pop punk drummer. Who knows what he could do in a thrash metal band? No one! He did come from a jazz umbringing I recall, which means he is versatile!

P.S I'm amazed this topic has gone on for so long! I think if you don't like him, stop bitching and like what you like:))

Keep rocking people!
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