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i disagree somewhat with all of this. although speculation in itself is flawed.

led zep were trend setters and experimentalists. they had full creative license in the studio. bonham himself refused to tape up his drums or muffle his bassdrum, when everyone else was. i think they would have released maybe another album similar to the last one and then they might have recorded something completely different and groundbreaking, inventing a whole new genre and probably changing the course of pop history. this after a hiatus in rehab and allowing the punk revolution to become commercial and then they would have risen like a leviathon to release a string of new albums. sure bonham would not have a vast crop of new chops as his drinking and the touring did not allow for much self practice in the late eighties but then when led zep pulled a beatles on the world and quit touring in 1991 the band concentrated on producing ever more interesting material marrying unrelated genres with great tho sometimes totally esoteric lyrics. in 1999 the band embarked on a truly final world tour ending up at yankee stadium on new years eve for the final concert. here they promoted their latest triple album and bonham played a totally new drum solo he had been working on in secret for the past decade. titled 'ahab' it was such a masterpiece of rock drumming that it left the last tumultuous half hour of the concert smacking slightly of mediocrity. the band announced in early 2001 that they were taking a break and there followed 3 years were the group did not even cross paths. bonham launched a new brand of ludwig and went on a clinic tour that saw a reformed tho aging rocker teatotalling and unafraid of flying. the band would regroup every two or so year from then on to record an album...

if only it were all true.

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