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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
i own two bonham biographys and have read several zep ones plus numerous articles and interviews and there is no mention of heroine. bonzo was a heavy drinker and was suffering from depression due to touring stress and the possible break up of the band. he put away far more vodka and other drinks the night of his death than any one man should. certainly enough to put an average man in a coma. occasionally this bonham on drugs thing comes up but i have never read it in any official writing.

i do agree strongly with the rest of your post tho.

It's just a fact of life Bonham is and always will be my favorite drummer but he was on methedone when he died,you don't give methedone to somebody trying to give up cigarattes both Bonham and Jimmy Page had a problem with Heroin,it's a touchy subject that's why you don't. hear of it.who ever would of thought James Taylor was a heroin addict once upon a time but he was it was the 70's after all.I don't. mean to offend anybody.
I'm sorry if I did.I just wish Bonham was still alive, the only band(Zeppelin) I never saw that I wish had the chance..

Didn't. mean to strike a nerve.please forgive me.

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