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Creative Control
Excellent DVD for those whose future is drums
Advanced players. About an hour into it I was on the verge of tears (no, not really, but you get the idea). After awhile, the concepts begin to sink in, but it obviously takes time and much attention. Also geared towards those with double bass.
Hudson Music
This is a double DVD instructional with about five hours worth of advanced hand/foot concepts, most of which are Mr. Lang's own ideas and variations.

It comes with printable PDF files of Thomas' performances, as well as around 100 of his exercises! ACID audio files are also included to allow you to play the tracks (minus drums) on your computer so you can play along to it, which is very cool.

I was particulary impressed with the section on MPOs (Multi Pedal Orchestrations), in which he not only demonstrates how to better coordinate your double bass chops, but also how to play the hi-hat pedal with the ball of your foot while double bassing.Of course, not all of us have two hi-hats but this DVD made me think. He presented some very interesting (and challenging) patterns and orchestrations on how to integrate the hi-hat into double bass for some great rhythms, which opens the door for great sounding and technical grooves and paradiddles. His technique in that area adds a whole new dimension to what would otherwise be basic foot patterns.

Lang also does a section on Twin FX pedals, which I have always been averse to for some reason, but thanks to him am now quite interested in. Some of the patterns and rolls he performs on it are anything but cheating or easy. In fact, ALL of them are anything but easy. He uses it on a Meinl Jamblock, which was pretty cool. When I have $400 or so dollars waiting to be spent, I'll definately keep a Twin FX pedal and a cowbell in mind.

In the first disc, he covers singles, doubles, and combos, which is basically practice and coordination exercises, which are all pretty nifty and helpful. His philosophy in that area is why just practice with your hands when you can practice the same thing with your feet at the same time? After taking this to heart, here's hoping my coordination will improve.

Overall excellent DVD for the advanced among us. And even if you don't consider yourself advanced, this will definately help you there. Yes, some of the concepts demonstrated might be out of the world at first, but just remember to practice the little things at the beginning of the DVD, and in time, you'll work your way up to the heavy stuff. I'm having fun rediscovering the basics anyway, and this DVD helps even in that area with the Singles, Doubles, Combo's section.

Also, I should definately look into buying a second snare...
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