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Originally Posted by murphinelli
I'd love to try one of them also. Since I've been hanging out in jazz land, I thought I'd get back to my roots a little. I was thinking of this while I was thinking of the jazz discussion and innovation...There is a desire to see/listen to musicians innovate across their entire career. Most rock bands change over the years. Usually for bad. They become over produced, etc. Bands like U2, Rush, Yes, Van Halen...The list goes on. Now what about Led Zeppelin? I remember when In Through The Out Doors came out. I thought it was very different from the previous albums. It too was transitioning into overproduction land. There are some great songs on that album, but the production was clearly beyond the previous. Do you agree? May John Bonham RIP. I still remember wearing my home made REMEMBER BONZO shirt to high school after he passed...But, if Bonzo was still alive and Zeppelin continued playing for 5-10 years or even until today... What do you think they would sound like? How do you think Bonzo would change over the years? Just pondering...Forgive me if this question has already been addressed on this thread also...
John Paul Jones produced and wrote most of "in through the out door" Zeppelin was trying too change their style but still keep there blues roots at that time Disco was popular and nobody really knew which way rock & roll was going.sadly Bonham was addicted to heroin and the doctors put him on methadone too help kick the habit but you are not supposed to drink any Alcohol with that medication I think if he wasn't. on that medication his body could've broke down the alcohol better and he may still be alive today,when something tragic like that happens we always say "what If" it's sad though because Bonham in my opinion kept getting better on the kit."fool in the rain" was one of his last songs he recorded and that drum beat still sends chills up my spine when I hear it.Bonham was the main reason I stayed Single Bass instead of Double Bass like all the "Big 80s" drummers did back then,Bonham proved you don't. need a 11 piece kit with 20 cymbals too be a great all you young,up & coming drummers it's not what you got but how you play.

"A good drummer can make any drum sound good"-John Bonham

need i say more.

Keep swatting,
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