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Phil Collins has an official website and Forum which he occasionally posts on to... Phil has been asked about the Led Zepplin thing and you'll have to have alook for the answer its very interesting.... Two sides to a story folks ?

Phil is a remarkable drummer, and a great session musician, His list is endless, and his ability to learn a style is fantastic....

1968 - 1969 Flaming Youth

1970 to 1996 Genesis Although rumoured to be coming back in 2007 !!

Brand X 1975 to 1982

Jazz Big Band 1996 and 1998 respectivly.....

He has also played sessions for,

Thin Lizzy, Eric Clapton, Phil Bailey amongst many others !

His first all vocal concert for Genesis was in London Ontario Canada in March 1976 on the Trick on the tail tour....

Phil has used, Gretsch, Premier, Pearl, Simmons, Roland, Zildjian and Saibian gear !!!

Hope that helps some of you

Mark K
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