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Originally Posted by fusssion
a few personal points......

I've always liked Alex!! Always.......he just ROCKS!!

My favorite must be the Fair Warning CD......."so this is love" just rips!!!!


Does anyone know the transcription for the fill before the guitar solo in DREAMS? Our band does it, and I just do the best "garbage can / triplet toms/bass" thing I can do ! :)

And for mikei: Van Halen will be touring in 2007 WITH DLR !!!!!! Oh yeah!
If Alex ever did a clinic that would be the first question I asked him. I have thought the same thing for ever. It almost sounds like a mistake. Great fill though.
One of my biggest influences in my playing w/out a doubt.
Fair warning; Different drumming on every song. Great stuff.
I think Sammy did great w/V.H. but Dave is the man. If Daves head can just come down to size things could last a while with that situation im sure.

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