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Originally Posted by michael drums
Hey Linear. I couldn't agree more with that. It IS a shame! I love Steve Smith. He's really advanced from a great rock drummer to, what you say, a true drumming technician. Thanks for pointing this out. Play On!
Steve Smith was always a great drummer. He just happened to be a drummer who was looking for a gig when Journey hired him! Steve has taken that opportuntiy and made a great life for himself. We should all be this lucky to be financially successful enough to hone our skills to level he has! Everything he did with Journey was enough, but what he has done with his skill and music puts him in a very elite group of players. He could have disappeared after Journey, but he cared enough to keep going. If you don't have it, you should check out the "Vitalive!" album. Also, because of websites like Amazon, you can now find discs like the very first Vital Information album (also recommended) available.

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