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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Real Name: Chris
Age: 27
How long been playing? 15 Years on and off.
Origin of user name: A few pints at the local boozer!
Top 5 drummers: Colaiuta, Beauford, Smith (Chad), Husband, Trebbett.
Make of drumkit: At present, Sonor Delite. In two months, DW Collectors!
Make of cymbal: Zildjian period.
Where do you practice? At home or with band.
Are you in a band/s? Yes, one called New Fiction.
Covers or originals? Covers with light smattering of originals.
Style of music: Rocky-Poppy-Funky!
Favourite take out food: Pizza
Country: Wales
How did you start drumming? Pots and pans, Muppets drumkit with paper heads!
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