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Default Off the Record Series - Pre-Mix Masters?

Hi - I have a question for anyone who is familiar with any of the "Zeppelin: Off the Record" series books that came out in the 90s. These are the ones that have all the Zeppelin parts transcribed for each of the first five albums. There was also one for Presence and maybe In Through the Out Door and Coda, but I'm not sure. There's also a really nice two volume set of the "Remastered" stuff as well.

I find these pretty accurate and a good place to start when working on reproducing a particular tune and/or studying it. Using them and a decent amount of listening and correcting, I think a person can come up with a very high quality transcription that is very accurate in representing the playing on the album. They're also good for when you want to get together and play with other musicicians who might not have gone into the tunes on their own to pull out all the goods.

Anyway, what I was wondering was would anyone happen to know if the people that did the transcribing for this series had access to the pre-mixed masters. I'm just curious because sometimes these transcriptions have things in them that seem impossible to hear when all the parts are mixed and the levels are set for the final mix on the album (for instance, the bass drum part in the up-tempo section of Lemon Song). Plus in some of the tunes, the guitar parts are broken down into guitar-1, 2, 3, etc. and it seems like that kind of breakdown would be easier if you had the pre-mixed master at your disposal.

Thanks for any info.
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