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Yeah Jose has had a huge influence over me (as it seems he has over a lot of people here) because I started learning drums as I also got into Incubus. in fact, my style is very similar to his and I also have a smilar set up (AAX 8 and 10" splashes, 16" HHX stage crash etc). He's really creative and fits into the music well with Mike and Ben and doesn't get int the way but in fact compliments what they're doing.
I'm looking forward to their new album Light Grenades due out this month. Hope there's some "sick sad little world" songs in their!

Do i have negative to say to him? well it's not like reviewing a product like a car amplifier (haha for example). everyone here knows each drummer is different and has their own style and quirks. you either appreceate them or not. I like what he does and learn from it so no, nothing negative to say here!

- cheers
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