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Question about DC's playing in 'H.'

I've read that DC plays snares off quite a bit and I can definitely hear it in many songs. But on Aenima especially his snare sounds so tight I think it almost sounds like he's got the snares on when he doesn't--it's hard to tell the difference.

I heard 'H.' on the radio today and noticed something. It always sounded to me like he's definitely playing snares off throughout the verses but when I listened closer it sounded like he switched it on everytime he plays it with a cymbal accent and then back off for the back beat, which, if you know the song, happens more and more as they build into the refrain, but again his snare sounds so similar to my ear regardless of whether the snares are on or not so I can't really tell. What do you think? If he is switching them on and off constantly, well then, he's now climbed even higher in my book, and he's already one of my current favorites.
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