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I think he's a solid drummer but not the best that KISS ever had. He was quite nice when I met him at the NAMM show years ago so that's a plus.

I agree with many that Eric Carr was the best drummer that KISS had. He had better technique than people think and aside from being so powerful he was also the most musical. He played drums, guitar, bass, piano and could probably sing better than anyone that has ever been in KISS (why do you think Paul Stanley kept him away from the lead mic for so long) and you could hear that complete musical background in his playing. If you can get a hold of live videos from the 80's he put such a different light and drive into the classic songs. Plus, he had such a great sound.

To me, Singer's sound is too thin and his style is too much like the typical rock drummer. When I heard KISS in the 90's they sounded like a tribute band with either Gene or Paul sitting in. Carr and Peter Criss had their own style as did Anton Fig when he played on "Dynasty" and "Unmasked."
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