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The deal with Travis Barker is that he isn't a highly-acclaimed and talented drummer like Vinnie or Gadd or Cobham, but he is still extremely talented. Travis Barker is a high-class celebrity, no argument needed there. Because he is a huge celebrity people who don't know drums will see him and say, "Wow this guys amazing." Their facts are based on what they think makes a great drummer, and usually it's speed, their "look," and power.

Then there are people like most of us who are drummers and have seen what it takes to be put up on the pedestil as an amazing or unbelievable drummer. When Travis Barker is compared to many other drummers out there he may fall short, but he has the upper hand over them because how many drummers are as massively main-stream as Travis Barker. For example if Vinnie C., Virgil Donati, or Cobham were as famous as Barker in every way, then maybe people would realize what it takes to be a great drummer. You get what I'm trying to say? Travis Barker has just set a standard for the non-drumming community and those who don't know much about drums

So in the end Travis Barker is a great drummer, but not an amazing drummer (i.e Cobham, Rich, etc.)
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