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Default Re: great buddy rich video

Originally Posted by mikejames
This one, coming out in September, should be a huge hit with BR fans. Buddy is obviously "in the zone" on this one... Can't wait to hear and see it! (The drum solo from "Channel One Suite" is already posted here on Drummerworld, but to see the entire performance will be exciting.)

HI Mike, I checked your your Buddy Rich page ( on your web site) , I really just scanned it quickly but NICE! Stories about how you drove.......whatever and what not , just to see Buddy....anyway I was wondering...but first a thought just came to mind......until you've see Buddy live, you just might think you've found a drummer better than him.

I made this mistake once. During the Jazz Rock era with Return to Forever wowing the
Jazz world and Billy Cobham having just come out with Magic, I thought that Buddy has met his match in Billy> But then Buddy came to town (San Francisco) , so I went to see the old guy for "ol time sake" not knowing what he had in store. It was at the Great American Music Hall, and he had a Jazz Rock quartet, no horns no Big Band, just a bass,
a piano a guitar and him. 4 Dudes and I wondered "what is this gonna be?" Here's what it was. The most impressive display of Jazz Rock drumming I'd ever seen. Billy in my mind suddenly became a ghost note shy of Buddy (which is still great) but he had to be placed somewhere. Ironically later on the Tonight Show, in a interview with Buddy, when asked if there were any other great drummers out there (besides you: as Johnny would always stroke him) he did say yes, "that would be a young man named Billy Cobham".

So getting back to what I wanted to ask you.....are there or do you know of any recordings
of Buddy's Jazz Rock. I've never really looked, but I'm wondering now?

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