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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

About Buddy being the best drum technician to ever live... that's probably true. The fact that his solos did not follow a certain and restrict time did not matter at all. His solos worked as a free and spontaneous exercise of genius creativity. Which other drummer could simply seat and play like that? Out of nowhere and withouth much thinking or "special preparation"? Not many, that's for certain.

When i watch/listen to some of Buddy's solos on the hi-hat, for example, i can clearly sense his geniality in every step of the composition of such solo. The snare dynamics have an order, beginning, "mid", end, the accents are very accurate and are followed by immediately subsequent equally interesting rudiments played with class and "magic". I never get tired of watching as many of his videos as possible; always, just when gets dark and total boreness arrive. That's what art is all about; that's what truly God-given talent (and genius) is all about: to make us lighter and brighter individuals; to inspire us and make us better (even for just 1 sec) individuals and learn from this apreciation moment.

What can you say about a guy that did around 1.100 beats per minute in the 60's using traditional grip!??? That's what's been reached TODAY! In 2006. Amazing. Incredible, you (realistically) name it. I name it Buddy Rich. The greatest musical phenomenon in the percussion area EVER. Period (at least to me).

ps. For some strange and subject reason, some of my posts are still getting gently cleaned from this website... and not one ofense or bad name was taken.... hmmm.
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