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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Look Michel, I'm as big a Buddy Rich fan as there is. I don't just watch the same 5 videos again and again. I listen a lot, and I've studied his whole career, not just the West Side Story/appearences on Tonight Show part. My dad and grandfather even did some ocassional playing with him. For the record I think he is probably the greatest drummer of all time, and certainly the greatest technician...I don't care what the Vinnie/Virgil fanatics think.

I even scoff at that crowd who say there is no such thing as a best drummer, and that you can't measure stuff like that, because that's just plain BS. Best is always qualifiable, and those who say it isn't, just want to keep the lines blurred so they can feel better about never having any personal goals in their musical lives.

But I've gotta comment on this latest Buddy fan base, because I think you guys are startin' to get out of control. Look at this man. Four posts in a row, and what have you really said?

You start off by repeating the Krupa quote that's been said a thousand times, and then you can't believe that people who favor others can possibly exist, implying that finnhiggins has probably never seen a Rich video, when that's one of the main topics discussed on this forum. Then you spend the next 2 posts doing no more than reinforcing the parroting of ardent disciples.

Geez, I never thought I would say this, but you guys are getting more and more like Travis Barker fanboys every day. I think your throat cramming tactics like these last 4 spams, only qualify my point and dishonor the legacy of Buddy Rich. And you know something? It's really starting to bug me.

Let me tell you something about finnhiggins. He and I have butted heads over a lot of issues, and I thought that He's not a patch on Vinnie Colaiuta comment was pretty out there too. But instead of checking out finn's views, or even looking at the discussions on this thread, you essentially assumed he was uneducated about Rich in any way, which is not even close to be being true.

In fact one of the reasons finn's Rich comments irk me as they do, is because he does know what he is talking about. You coming in here and lecturing us...a person who has yet to offer a intellectual qualified comment, doesn't really help the cause at all.

I also most strongly resent the newest Rich fanboy tactic, which is to use the Buddy Rich website forum to artificially distort what is believed to be Rich naivete on Drummerworld. I invite you to visit the Rich forum now, because his Drummerworld rant thread is still there, along with my rebuttal.

I even went to the Rich forum to explain that I thought there was a 4 year period in Rich's career where he was the best who ever lived without doubt. The reaction of the Rich fan base was to express disbelief that I would only give Rich 4 years of unquestioned immortality, in light of the fact that those 4 years were also the peak years of Elvin Jones and Tony Williams. And this came only weeks after I defended Rich about his speed...a most hallowed issue Rich issue indeed, and one I was qualified to discuss.

Here's the issue at hand.

The Rich fan base need to do some soul searching, because the way you are getting your message out lacks... to say the least. And I have to think that Cathy Rich is not going to like it, if the original accurate viewpoint about her father becomes controlled by instransigent fanatics, who will do anything to sell their point.

There are already some drummer fan bases that suffer this affliction. I would not want this to occur to the legacy of the greatest drummer of us all.

Come on, let his music speak for itself. It already does for me. History will prove your point if you allow things to run their proper course.
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