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Default Re: Buddy Rich Stick Click Trick?

The basic concept of the stick clicking trick is that:
The stick being hit must stay stationary until it's driven back by the force of the stick hitting it.
Afterwards, the stick that just hit must stop were it made contact with the other. It's a bit like, if you were on a drum or a pad, after throwing the stick down, instead of letting it bounce back up into your hand, you leave it down close to the head. THE RESULT: anything you can play on a drum can be played with your sticks. Once you have the motion down, try adding it a few rudiments. Who knows, maybe you'll come up with a cooler stick trick than the video?!
The motion of the sticks sorta like the swinging pedulum toy that appears on the cover of Dream Theater's new album, "Octavarium".
Hope it helps, keep on drumming!

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