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Originally Posted by finnhiggins
I'm not buying that.

He's an astounding player and his chops are phenomenal. But musical vocabulary? He's not a patch on Vinnie Colaiuta in that respect, to name but one. He never had much in the way of rock chops, indeed he expressed great loathing for the style on many occasions. I've never seen footage of him playing any convincing latin material either. And likewise I don't recall seeing any of Elvin or Tony's innovations making their way into his jazz time playing.

He was an enormous big band drummer, there's few who could touch him on that ground. And his soloing chops were jaw dropping too. But if you're going to put him forward as the kind of stylistic versility and musical vocabulary then we're going to have to disagree. His range was really rather limited compared to many drummers today, he just had astounding control inside that range.
Huh? There would be no Vinnie Colaiuta if there was no Buddy Rich. Come to think of it,
the list here would be infinite, of drummers that would not be, had it not been for Buddy
Rich. My guess is you haven't seen many videos/clips of him. There was NO style of drums he couldn't play. Have you ever seen what his left hand did while he played? You're kidding, right? Few who could touch him? What few? Can I make a suggestion? There are a number or really good videos of him available. You should pick one up and take a look at it. Fact is, he was the greatest drummer to have ever drawn breath. Not my quote. Gene Krupas'.
Play on!
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