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My take on the pro's and con's is this: Most people will only have knowledge of what they own, a few more perhaps maybe three to four other sets. That will leave things unhelpful as too biased. But, your mentioning of "pro's and con's" brings to mind something that is spot on and might work.

I suggest stickys under a review area where there is, for example, simply one for "Pro's of DW Classics" and another titled "Con's of DW classics." To make a post, you have to do like they do at musiciansfriend and give a little background like "I own it," or "I play professionally for five years." If you had that kind of info available, I think it would be beneficial to new drummers like me. Just my two eighth notes worth. Also, not much wrong with this site as it is, though I understnd that you are only trying to make it better with the suggestion ... please do not take offense ... just trying to cover my fanny. LOL Joey
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