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Originally Posted by jazzsnob
Wow Garvin, my friend's dad had Habib and his band over for dinner last night and I went and hung out. They're a pretty awesome crew, I must say. The music they put on was pretty amazing. I'm just mad I didn't get to see them play in person, and that I don't speak french. The percussionist only spoke french but when one of his friends said I was a drummer he seemed really and started playing these beautiful polyrhythm things on the tabletop with his hands. I am a white, westernized drumset player, and I was(not surprisingly) awestruck. I know that's kind of a generic story, but it was SWEET. He's playing in SF a few times this week, I'm gonna try and go see him.

Anyway, one thing I must say Phil-I just watched you're entire presentation to the Meinl festival on your youtube thing, and I must say I found it very inspirational. You are a very good clinician and teacher and I'm buying your damn book. :)
Thank you very much Jazzsnob. If there is one thing that is important to me it's being a good teacher. Being able to communicate information about drumming. If we dont have that with each other, our art suffers. So I really appreciate your words.

If anyone is intersested...i posted some stuff from my next book on my blog
Left foot clave concepts, audio and pdf files all there for you.
All the best
Live to play!
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