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Originally Posted by onemat
Corny? It never struck me a corny. It's a song that tells a story of an incident that really happened. There was a venue in Europe, was it Amsterdam? I don't remember, but the venue was actually burned to the ground after "some stupid" idiot shot off a flare gun in the middle of a concert..I believe it was the Mothers Of Invention. The band helped get people out of there but lost all their equipment. If I have the story right Deep Purple provided the Mothers with gear so they could continue their tour. Do I have this right or was it Deep Purple who lost the gear and the Mothers who helped? Musically I find the best way to enjoy the song is to listen to what Paice is doing.
Somebody tell the story correctly please.
"We all came out to montreux
On the lake geneva shoreline
To make records with a mobile
We didnt have much time"
They're referring to when they were setting up to record an album on the Stones' Mobile Studio in Montreux, Switzerland. Bernhard might be able to provide more details on this ;)
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