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Originally Posted by JamStew
Ian's work in You Fool No One is great! The way he uses the bell and even the stopped crash, amazing. Then the base drum pattern in Fireball (WITHOUT a double bass pedal!) is the whole insanity! And then his awesome solo in The Mule. Just listen and enjoy it! I find no words to describe it!

All in all Ian Paice is one of the greatest hard rock drummer ever. He has got such a great timing and feeling (his shuffle feeling is AWESOME!) like only a few other drummers have.
Ian Paice is one of my largest influences (beside Neil Peart, John Bonham and Rodney Holmes). He's the ultimte mixing of speed, accuracy and feeling.

I'm a HUGE Ian Paice fan. But... "Fireball" is played with two bassdrums: If you get the video "Scandinavien Nights" from 1972, they do "Fireball" as an extra, an they simply bring in a second bassdrum on stage, for just that particular song! It still rocks though...

The thing i really love about him is:

(01) He has a feeling (that swing feel!) that makes him recognizable when you hear it...
(02) He has a sound that is recognizable when you hear it...
(03) His solos are so musical, almost melodic... I think the solo on "Made in Japan" is HIS best ever recorded solo... I don't know if it's because I grew up with that solo, but I still think it's one of the greatest solos ever...
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