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Default Re: Chris Adler's drumheads

here it is:

Drums Mapex Saturn Pro series in cherry walnut finish
12x5,5 Black Panther Birdseye snare (maple)
16x16floor tom
16x18floor tom
2x 18x22 bass drum

Cymbals All Meinl, random order
x2 14" highhat, soundcaster medium soundwave on top, byance on bottom (on to his left and the other to hos right)
14" and 16" filter china
12" Soundcaster coustom distortion splash
8" Candela high bell
2x 8" Byance splash
14" soundcaster medium crash
16" Amun thin crash
18" Amun thin crash
24" Chris Adler signature mb20 pure metall ride. (huge!)
17" Chris Adler coustom china

Hardware and Sticks

Axix percussion longboard pedals /w sonic hammers beaters
Gilbraltar rack and hardware such as stands etc.
Pro Mark Chris Adler signature sticks

Heads All Aquarian

Responce 2 on toms
High Enery on snare
Force 1 on kick, black ported front heads..

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