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Originally Posted by BackInBlack
Stewart is a very skilled player, indeed. From his initial playing with the Police to his work with Les Claypool (the name of the group eludes me right now..), his fluency in jazz and rock all around shows with much to hold respect for. He's probably also one of the most HARDWORKING drummers around right now. (i was just about to spert out that he rarely does studiowork and then I noticed a previous post by someone) His resume is incredible, akin to that of perhaps Josh Freese yet with an unusually high prediliction toward movie-scores. That is right on the money right there man. To be a musician, as a J-O-B. WITH the BENEFITS of working with others similar to the musician-side as they are creative and flex their brain and help challenge the minds of others, that's quite an experience right there! I am envious of this cat for that reason.

His disposition for traditional grip is what keeps it interesting to watch. I'd've liked to be taught by him in my early years. He and Les Claypool always work well together as well. Not so sure if he still jams with Les anymore....anybody know?

Anyway, that's my feeling about the dude

BTW, this is my first post here. Hello guys :)
You have me curious now. I went to and Stewart Copeland's page. I could not find a collaboration with Les Claypool. There is information about side projects like pop fusion "Animal logic" but no mention of work with Les. I wonder what that was...a group, or work on a soundtrack or something...
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