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Default Re: the "how" thread

Well, big thanks to Stevis for initiating a thread that allows other drummers to communicate their history of percussion/music through a "how/where/why" discussion.
Well to begin with...

<b>Music</b>: ahhhhh, it's difficult to readily cite offhand, because i started jamming at a VERY VERY young age that before i knew it i was breaking sh*t around the house, stealing candlesticks or causing trouble in the kitchen and stuff. Then, i finally got a set, thank god, and much relief my parents felt.

<Drummer</b>: Again, difficult. ehhh, every frank zappa drummer. My dad (r.i.p.) was a HUGE Zappa-fanatic. awesome. Actually, come to remember. Back in the day (like 3 years ago) i was a big Vandals fan and discovered Josh Freese that way. He's (to this day) the only punk-drummer i consider to Have the skills most Un-punkrock drummers have. That's way cool.

<b>Person</b>: My dad, he allowed it. I didn't get yelled at for playing loudly in the basement for a couple of hours. fun stuff.

<b>Style</b>: I listen to music, period. So, style is everything i hear. I grasp anything i think could be played on drums. it usually works.

<b>Inspirations</b>: many many drummers. including those of the jazz-style. Those cats are always up to interesting and fun things. also, Myself. I usually don't care what instructors or drum-clinicians have to say as long as i know i feel great playing and don't let any ego get me barking til i am too tired to bite any longer.
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