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Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat
Where's your supporting evidence? Which songs does Tré suck on?

'thats MY opinion i know some people may not like it and some yes but thats what i think you gotta respect me.'

I don't agree with your opinion... but why should I respect? You make no clear argument as to why Travis is so good.
Dude Travis leaned Blink's hole set of 22 songs from Cheshire Cat and Dude Ranch in just a few hours to perform that night! That's not easy to do man, who cares whether you think Blink's drums aren't good or not it's still hard and it's amazing that he did that and how much Blink improoved after he joined them.....He's MADE a NAME for him self. So if you don't like him... then just lay off ok and stop being so critical about him.

Originally Posted by drummerboy147
To be honest i like Travis Barker. I enjoy Blink 182 even though they can hardly string a guitar line together but hey they're catchy! Im 13 and have only started drumming and although i like him, he is nothing special. I have heard many better, like Buddy Rich, Mike Portnoy, Steve Gadd etc. but you can't say he has no skills, otherwise he wouldnt be where he is today.
What do you mean he's nothing special! Travis is what made Blink 182 BIG! He changed them to what made them famous with Enema of the State, Take off Your Pants and Jacket, and the Untitled one. He's an amazing drummer who's got lot's of skill and experience! And your right that's why he is where he is today, the BEST Punk/Rock drummer!

Originally Posted by gusty
broken arm huh? he must drum hard
No I'll be a drummer thank you

Originally Posted by Jeremy Perfection
Sorry but this guy is overrated :(
No he's not overrated! He's a great drummer, who's got good rhythms and makes good sounds. That's why so many people like him...... if you don't like him lay off him and go enjoy your "better" tastes of drums.

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