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Default Re: My Kit Updated!

Originally Posted by KR3
Very nice looking kit. I'm sure it sounds killer. I really like your al snare. How does it sound? Is it versatile?
I've got 2 alu snares, a JC. sig and a Tama 4x14. They are both very versatile. I would recomend them to anyone. The tama is less expensive and provides a good crack with plenty of sensitivity. The JC. snare is just friggin awsome! =D I has a real dry crack, I've got a Genera Dry sitting on it so its so supersensitive + I've cranked it so high that there is no ring what so ever, just a funky loud crack

EDIT : It was the Die Cast hoops on the JC. snare that was alu =P not the actual shell. It is steel =P

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