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Default Re: Favourite Forum Member(s)

Originally Posted by DrPowerStroke
Aahznight and Duke stand out for me, but also
Gregg (disagreements aside, he knows every drummer apparently and has listened to every album so I can't help learning a lot from him)
Finn (with whom I have also had some good arguments)
Jeff (who likes to discuss free strokes as much as I do), and
The Mods, who make this place feel like home. Great, great job, guys!

But I really like everyone who has something interesting to say or who is not afraid to ask questions and share information. DPS
DrPowerStroke is one of my favourites because he has a cool title. Senior Consultant. Nice. But why the Mods? What's wrong with rockers! only kiddin.

And Karl, cos he's from Germany and they have cool accents. And he has a Tama, what a beautiful kit.
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