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Yeah, I first heard Zach on the dedut Team Sleep record and was amazed by complexity of the drum grooves played over the simplistic guitar playing and was in awe of how well it fit together especially with the electronic beats played in between specific drum fills at song climaxes (ex. Princeton Review, Tomb of Liegia). I also was really into how he could take an almost normal drum beat and then place fills in the most abnormal places and make it flow and groove in an incredibly extraordinary way (ex. Blvd. Knights).

Then, I noticed 'Hella's Zach Hill' on the cover of the August issue of Modern Drummer and remembered that that was the Team Sleep drummer, and reading that clued me into a lot of his inspirations, approach, and drum style and how he works it around whatever he's playing to. I saw some of his stuff online and immediately bought 'Hold Your Horse Is'. I think what this guy is doing for drums is phenomenal and should really be heard by any drummer. He's really changed the face of modern drumming and is pushing it forward into new dimensions.

"At first listen, Zach Hill's drumming sound spastic and random. But when examined closely, the intricacies within his playing illustrate the depth, intellectualism, and eccentricity of Hella's music." -Modern Drummer
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