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NUTHA JASON there are many zep bootleg and studio out-take sites but non seem to have a buy it now type link. does anyone know how to buy those CDs? does anyone have anything they wish to copy and sell or swap. i have a cd of studio out takes i got from a drummer a few years backBUT I WANT MORE!
I am with you Nutha I am always looking for Zeppelin bootlegs, especially from '68-'72. But I always find them difficult to come by, especially with decent sound quality.

I do have a few that are pretty good though that I was able to download when I was in college in we had this massive network of illegal filesharing going before it was shut down.

The best is probably from a Fillmore West show on either 4/24 or 4/27/69, and it's one of the more circulated recordings so maybe you already have it. It has a lot of what they played in their early sets: As Long As I Have You, You Shook Me, I Can't Quit You Baby, Pat's Delight, Sittin' and Thinkin', Dazed and Confused (parts of it), How Many More Times, Lemon Song/Killing Floor, Train Kept a Rollin', Communication Breakdown.

I also have some random songs from shows from different years. Mostly from '73, '75, and '80. I can't remember all of the exact tunes but I think they are mostly versions of Kashmir, Achilles Last Stand, and No Quarter, put I know there are more as well.

If you're interested in any of this stuff maybe you could trade me something I don't already have or we could work something else out.
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