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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
naw. kashmir is identified by what JP jones does on the keys. bonzos huge groove there is very open but simple (which is why it is brilliant) but played alone it is not easy to identify as a bonzo groove.

You know, that's a good point, J, but I half disagree with you. I think that the beat itself, like if you were to write it out, doesn't really have anything especially identify-ing it to John Bohnam.

*but* the way he played it is so distinctively him that I think that makes the recording one of his most identifiable beats. Specifically it's his treatment of doubles on the bass drum in that song -the slow ones in the main beat. One of the things that makes his sound so massive is how he'd treat these doubles dynamically. He'd play them slightly un-evenly, putting a subtle accent on the first beat of the double. That, to me, is one of Bohnam's most distinctive and identifiable/ signature sounds. It's such a neat/brilliant trick -you don't even have to be on a drumset to hear the effect. Just tap on whatever is nearby -if no one will mind. Tap the beat for kashmir (just the bass and snare part) playing with your hands on two different surfaces. First, play bass drum part with the doubles exactly even. Next, try doing it with a slight accent on the first beat of the double and notice the difference ...even if you're just tapping on your desk.
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