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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
Tommy Igoe

Anyone know anything about him as a person? I find his teaching style to be extremely good for begginers, but for me, it leaves much to be desired (higher intermediate, low end expert player). Maybe he'll do a more advanced dvd someday.

I think his groove essentials is a great idea for newer drummers, but I would like to see much more in an instructional dvd.

My wife couldn't stop making fun of him. I guess he's the quintessential band geek...not that that's a bad thing.

Hey Stu,

i ordered his dvd together with book and cd.I don't think this is for beginners.I'm usually a solid rock/pop/funk/Dance player :),and a few month i've been into jazz.But what's so cool about his dvd that he talks as if he's just right besides you and like you know him 5 years or so.Altho,i can play a little bit hip hip salsa or bossa,but soon i will be playing it like he does ;).Another good thing is the book.How many of you advanced drummers can read?I don't,exept for a little bit.That's also my goal.To understand the reading,learn to play for there.

And i don't want to step any drummer on his heals,but how many time i've heard that the drummer plays way to much for a song that it's completely annoying.To many fancy stuff.Those guys probably need to buy his dvd and get the BASICS of a groove!The swingfactor, the beat ! ;)I don't say you must shut up and play a siple BUM TEK BUM TEK all the time:) I find it always important if you do a break or have a fancy idea,just put it where it's capable of giving that little extra.

That's why i like players like the late Tony Thompson,Steve Ferrone,Manu Catché and Phil Collins.
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