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Default Re: Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland is one of the big reasons that I play drums today! The very first cassette I ever purchased was a comilation of the Police's greatest hits....and wow. His drumming was first really different style of drumming I'd ever heard. At that time, all I was really listening to was was 40, pop/rock stuff, lots of Beatles etc...and while most of that was all great and fun music to listen to, the drum parts were pretty much straight up 2 and 4 back beats. The first time I heard Roxanne I was totally confused by what was going on! I listened more and more, and got super hooked!

I love his style! He's rock solid on time, all the high hat work is AWESOME and he plays with so much confidence! He has to be one of the hardest hitting guys with traditional grip I've ever seen...good times! Playing wise, he's one of my biggest influences! Plus...his score work is amazing! It's incredibly cool to see such a drumming hero doing such DIFFERENT and creative stuff!
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