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I agree with most of what people say about Travis being popular. I guess he deserves a place in drummerworld due to popularity and that's about it. He isn't playing anything that hasn't been played before. There are some drummers in that genre who don't get enough recognition. Brooks Wackerman for Bad Religion being one of them. Travis is a lucky a guy, he was in the right band at the right time. Blink182 are a bunch of good looking guys who play music that appeals to a demographic that likes to buy lot's of merchandise and music. He has his show on a channel that like to sell lot's of crap to a certain demographic that is known for buying lots of crap due to watching that certain channel. There is no mystery there. I think as far as his solo's are concerned they lack texture and feel. There is no build or culmination into anything. He shows off how fast he can play and badly segways into an off tempo break-beat. Not impressed.
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