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Originally Posted by Mapex589
I think Chad's performance at the 2005 MD Fest was one of the best ones there. The grove was strong, his solo had a very important point to it as well. On of the best bits of advice was given by Chad Smith at the fest. You can get behind a set and have all sorts of cool chops but the GROOVE will get you the gig. His display of Time was awesome, so you might want to rethink your could learn a lot from that performance.....I did!
I couldn't agree more. His performance showed class and deep, deep pocket and groove. There was also some complexity - with bass drum ghost notes - to go along with the power and impeccable timing. The truth is that if more young drummers aspired to actually be able to do this type of thing well, there would be a lot more competition for work! It is this kind of skill (not the blazing fast blast beats) that leads to employment.

Chad's a great drummer and if you donlt think so now, you will when you get a little older and wiser!

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